Fete Music Hall 

103 Dike St,

Providence, RI




Doors: 7:00 PM • Show: 7:30pm
Tickets: ADV $15 • DOS $20
All Ages


A mix of darkwave and synth-driven goth pop, Florida’s Crüxshadows became an unlikely source of optimism in a genre better known for its outright gloominess.


The band was originally formed in 1992 in Tallahassee by enigmatic frontman Rogue, employing a blend of atmospheric electronics and organic elements like violin and guitar, Rogue and his frequently changing ensemble of collaborators pitted themes of hope and inner strength against a backdrop of dark-hued synth pop and dance music. 

The Crüxshadows has an international following of dedicated fans and has toured North America, Europe, and Asia.



Korine is an electronic pop duo from Philadelphia who are signed to the independent label Born Losers Records. Their first full length album titled 'New Arrangements' was released in 2018.

Band members include:


Morgy Ramone + Trey Frye.


Mei Ohara is an electric violinist, singer, and electronic composer. She has spent most of her life studying and performing classical music, electronic and experimental music, as well as multiple video game soundtracks won over her heart.


She continues to use her classical background and intensive violin training in marriage with distortion, futuristic beats, and spacey soundscapes. She also draws a large amount of her inspiration from astronomy, sci-fi, and the comparison of structured science versus fluid art.


Glass Mannequins are a Boston based prog electronica band that class themselves as 'electronic soul rock weirdness', with bold soulful vocals, lavish guitar, and beautiful violin.


Band members include:


Aaron Emmanuel - Vox, Keys
Socrates Cruz - Guitars
Nora Maynard - Violin, vox
Jesse "Qwill" Ciarmatoro - APC Magic, production guru


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