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$1000 dollars reached so far! The alignment continues to grow as you help 'Putting the Stars Right'

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

That's right, the $1000 mark has been reached and the stars are gradually aligning!

From all of us involved, we would like to send our heartfelt thanks to all those that have purchased the 'Putting the Stars Right' charity compilation so far, in aid of the Lovecraft Arts & Sciences Council who are based in Providence, RI.

It has been totally awesome to see such a huge response and support for this project and watching the total grow in money raised over the last few weeks has been heartwarming. But not just the money raising either, but seeing the project being shared on social media, online radio stations plugging and playing the tracks and articles on eZines, this too is just mind blowing, seeing people come together so passionately for a great cause.

If you have not already purchased the album but are planning too, then today (04.02.21) is the best day to do it due to Bandcamp Friday, where 100% of the money paid goes to the charity as Bandcamp fee's are waived.

Click the links below and take a listen. Packed with exclusive tracks and remixes made specifically for the compilation. New tunes + supporting a charity, that and it keeps the Great Old Ones happy... they may just devour you last when they rise!

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