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Assemblage 23 announces new album

In 2020, Assemblage 23 will unleash it's first album in over 3 years. Help make it happen!

That's right, you can help support Tom Shear's new album on Indiegogo and help crowdfund what will be no doubt a wonderful masterpiece of audio!

The initial goal is $5,000 which will cover mastering, artwork and perk item expenses. Perks are many and these will not be available anywhere else, but hurry as these are limited and starting to dwindle!

At the moment the crowdfund is currently about $2,900 from hitting the second stretch goal of $35k, after which, a release of a 3rd preview snippet from a song titled "Mourn" will be available to preview.

We are so looking forward to hearing this new release come 2020! For more info or to donate to the project, click the link below...

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