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Downcity Armory's Listening Party + surprise proposal!

Last night Goth-Ick/ unscene went down to Alchemy Nightclub in Providence, RI to show our support to Downcity Armory's Listening Party which was promoting their latest album, The New Old World. The official release of the record was back in May but due to the Covid-19 pandemic their album release party and concert, which was also due to be held at Alchemy, had to be cancelled as the lock down begun.

Todd Bowes and Rick Rivera gave the audience a low down on the album, which incidentally is a concept album. Todd explains it thus;

"It's a concept album about the end of American excellence, and the nation's decline at the hands of a Christofascist regime shortly after 2021. At the same time, a young couple's relationship dissolves as they join a resistance movement to try and save the country from itself. The economy has collapsed, poverty is rampant, and the government begins bombing cities that have become the only homes that poor people can afford to live in. Finally, our protagonist is forced to flee the country."

Todd and Rick give an introductory talk on the album.
Todd and Rick give an introductory talk on the album.

The guys have done proud with this release and kudos to them, like their previous releases, they use the music as an opportunity to raise money for charity by donating the proceeds to non-profit charities.

Nearing the end of the introductory talk Todd said the following, and did the unexpected;

"Despite the horrifying predictions I had made in song, I still had hope for the future"

He then walked from the stage towards his partner Heather, went down on one knee and proposed! Many eyes welled up with tears and a big cheer erupted from everyone in the room! Congrats to them both and we wish them all the happiness and best wishes to the future.

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