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Freaks N Geeks needs you!

It's that time of the year again! Freaks & Geeks is coming back to Providence, RI.

Fete Music Hall has asked us to do another audience appreciation night by having a free Freaks N Geeks night on Saturday November 2nd! HELL YEAH!

So, are you in a band, a DJ, or performer that wishes to donate your time to give back to those that support you? Wanna play Providence but haven't yet? Wanna hang out with like minded peeps? If you answer yes to any of these then please get in touch with us ASAP, either via Facebook messenger or our website contact page.

The event is dark alternative and in the past we have had cage/ go-go dancers, sideshow performers, and fetish dungeon. Bands and DJ's have crossed the Goth/ Industrial/ Emo and Metal genre's. So, if you think there is something you can contribute and want to show off your performance skills you know what to do.

Our last free show in February was a banger, lets make Novembers equally as lit! You can click here to view February's past event.

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