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Happy New Year!... And happy to look into booking 2021 shows!

Happy New Year!

We at Goth-ick/ unscene are just as excited about the prospect of getting live shows back in 2021 as you all are, and hope that is our reality in the New Year.

We do still have pending shows on our books and would love to add more. If your act is considering playing live soon, hit us up! All we ask is flexibility and understanding that every area in our country and even our world is managing this pandemic differently. It is possible that live shows will return to other parts of the country before ours or vice versa. If you can book with time and financial flexibility, then let us help you get tentative dates in our area starting for summer and we'll work with you to push those forward if need be.

If interested then feel free to hit us up through our contact page or our Facebook page.

The Earth without Art is just Eh. We hope to see you all in the unscene again soon!

Stabbing Westward rocking out at Goth-Ick/ unscene 08.18.17

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