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J:dead - A Complicated Genocide album review

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

We know that 2021 has only just begun but as albums go this one is going to be hard to beat! The debut album A Complicated Genocide from the UK based J:dead is a synth-pop paradise of dance floor beats with some more slower atmospheric tracks to boot.

This is Jay Taylor's first solo album but he is no stranger to the alt scene, with his unique aggressive style of live percussion performances with Tyske Ludder, Tactical Sekt and Harmjoy at many music festival's worldwide.

A Complicated Genocide hits you with elements of retro styles similar to that of Covenant but with a modern edge, this album certainly gives the synth-pop genre a re-boot to the next level! With industrial, metal and even some synth-wave put into the mix.

The album title track A Complicated Genocide is a subtle mix of synth pop with some hard edged metal vocals on the chorus, not what you expect on hearing the opening of the track, then it just hits you in the face with it's aggressive change which works so well!

A Thousand Adventures and Out of my Mind. These two tracks have the most 80's sounding influences indeed, where The Human League meets Alphaville.

The album features the two previously released singles Feeding on Me and Haunt which also have music videos to drive the lyrics within and show the story behind it all. The video and lyrics to Feeding on Me take us on a journey of a stalker's obsession with a girl. Sadly, a story that is quite relatable for a lot of people in today's society. Haunt shows the story in which the characters are searching for an item which is representing the thoughts, emotion and behavior that you have tried to hide away without actually dealing with it. The drive of the song Haunt is just that. Haunting. The song slowly building up to a dark crescendo.

The final track on the album, ESC., mixes some wonderful choral and synths with Japanese ethnic styles where they merge into what is a great ending to this musical journey that we have been taken on.

All in all a cracking album that is recommended for you to go check out! You will not be disappointed!

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