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New England artists release charity album - 'We're In This Together'

A number of Boston-area (and adjacent) musicians randomly paired together and announced, "We may be isolated, but we're not alone", and the results are this compilation titled We're In This Together.

The album was released today (May 15th, 2020) and all proceeds from this compilation will be donated directly to the WHO's COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

Artists include:

  • Clinton Degan and John Tyler Kent

  • The Only Humans and Kid Taco

  • Alana Sacks and Stefano Bellezza

  • D-Tension featuring Jen Kearney

  • Doomer Juice

  • Reuben Bettsak & Todd Bowes

  • Patrick Brooks and Christopher G. Brown

  • HEK and Abram Taber

  • Phil Fleming and Linnea Herzog

  • Sarah Tonin and Edward McGrath

  • Scapeghost & ThornBrain

  • Patrick S. Barry and Rich Taber

Go check it out and stay safe out there!

released May 15, 2020

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