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Thank you all! (The Cruxshadows + Korine, Mei Ohara and Glass Mannequins concert)

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Last night was the epitome of the beauty that is the goth scene! People from all walks of life (including baby bats) coming together to celebrate exceptional talent and art. The level of joy in that packed room was intoxicating! I can't thank the bands, venue, Goth-Ick/ unscene crew and all those that came out to attend the show enough for an unforgettable experience. Nothing makes us happier as promoters than seeing patrons meet their musical heroes, and having the bands say how much they want to come back and perform with us again. Providence may not be as big as NY or LA, but its heart beats just as loud. Thank you again to everyone involved, especially to Crüxshadows for their determination to get to our show despite a car accident in the Midwest on their way to us. All your efforts made for so many cherished memories. Much love to all <3

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