71 Richmond Street

Providence, RI




Doors: 7:00 PM • Show: 7:30pm
Tickets: ADV $10 • DOS $15
All Ages


The Gothsicles are an American industrial and EBM band formerly based out of Chicago, Illinois, after moving to Boston, Massachusetts in 2018. The group was formed in Wisconsin in 2002 by Brian "darkNES" Graupner, who handles vocals and synthesizers, and is the sole consistent member. The band has a rotating lineup of live musicians, including Matt Fanale of Causti and Matt Siegel of Angelspit. The band released its first LP, NESferatu in 2006. Following albums included Sega Lugosi's Dead (2009), Industrialites & Magic (2011), Squid Icarus (2014), and I Feel Sicle, which was released on November 4, 2016. According to COMA Music Magazine, "The Gothsicles are one of the forerunners in Industrial Music for the Nerdy Masses."

Known for "spastic" and energetic live performances, they have performed at major festivals such as Infest, Kinetic Festival, Resistanz, C.O.M.A., Reverance Festival, Eccentrik Festival, and Blacksun Festival. The band has had songs remixed by artists such as Boole, and side projects include Dinosaur Tank, Gothsticulate with Caustic and Modulate, False Edge with Death of Self, and Khionik, a version of The Gothsicles that releases party music. Graupner has also formed The Causticles, a collaboration with Caustic, and Hardcore Pong with Angelspit.



MOЯIS BLAK is a pulse driven descent into the catacombs of the dance underground. Fusing the cold aggression of industrial music with the surgical precision of modern bass music, MOЯIS BLAK is the hymn for your warehouse rituals.


Performances are a vortex of adrenaline and dread, playing their unique brand of bleak electronics to a backdrop of haunting visuals.


Prepare to join the cult of industrial bass music.


Snowbeasts is an american electronic duo from Providence Rhode Island, formed by Robert Galbraith (aka Raab Codec also of Pattern Behavior) and Elizabeth Virosa.

The music of Snowbeasts straddles two worlds. There’s the earthy, ethereal vocals of Elizabeth, looped and processed by her array of pedals and synths. And there’s the harsh electronics wielded by Robert, modular synths and beats welded and colliding together in an unholy matrimony of noise and rhythm.


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